​​​​Welcome to SMART Recovery

Meeting Opening  (remind to turn off cell phones)

1. Hello everyone and welcome to tonight's SMART Recovery® meeting. I'm your facilitator for this meeting, my name is _______. SMART stands for Self Management and Recovery Training, with emphasis on SELF. We are a non-profit, volunteer, peer support group, not to be misconstrued as professional therapy.

2. Our meetings are scheduled to run for (60 to 90) minutes and discussions are open to anyone. SMART meetings are confidential, so in addition to your not having to give your real name or even to participate tonight, I'd like to emphasize that what is said here, stays here.

3. The main focus of these meetings is how to abstain from harmful addictions or activities, by that I mean to include alcohol, drugs, food or gambling. The two topics we do not discuss are: Spirituality and religion; and the “disease concept” because SMART works regardless of your beliefs on these subjects.
Meeting Opening  (remind to turn off cell phones)

4. The SMART tools are designed to help each of us -- regardless of what the unwanted behavior might be -- to find a better balance in our lives. Since SMART Recovery views recovery as being our own responsibility, a number of tools are offered to empower you as an individual to accomplish the 4-Point Program®, which is to:

. Build and maintain motivation,

. Cope with urges (also known as cravings)

. Identify and solve the other problems in your life, and

. Achieve lifestyle balance in order to prevent relapse

5. Our proven tools and techniques are based on fundamental psychology.  SMART Recovery doesn’t tell you what to think, it teaches you how to think different.

6. Our discussions are flexible and we ask you to respect the group’s time frame and privacy. We encourage cross-talk during the open discussion, however not during the check-in. And please note that we respect all types of recovery programs. SMART emphasizes the Power of Choice. Your recovery is built on whatever works for you!

7. During the check-in, keep it brief: Your name and reason from coming, etc. You do not have to identify with any particular addiction. That's it for the Welcome and Introduction part of the meeting; now let's move on to our Check-In.

Meeting Closing 

1. SMART Recovery is a non-profit organization and depends on the financial support of members like you. At this time, we will pass the hat for donations which are greatly appreciated to help us pay the rent, print handouts and keep the web site running.

2. We don't charge anything for attendance at these meetings. Your donations help with local publicity, purchasing of Handbooks, and a portion of what we collect is shared with the SMART Recovery Central Office, to help keep the program available to individuals throughout the US. Perhaps consider contributing the cost of a drink or what you’re saving tonight by participating in the meeting instead of your addictive behavior. We’re grateful for your support.

3. I'll sign attendance verification slips for anybody who needs it at the conclusion of the meeting, to help speed up that process, I ask that you pre-fill in the Location and today's date, as well as my phone number, which is 954-815-4170.

4. Please sign up on the tablet to join our email list if you haven’t already done so.  

5. Be sure to visit and or updated meeting information and links to the national site that hosts 24/7 chat rooms and online meetings. The site also has tons of information you can download for free. Handbooks are available here for $15. Digital Handbooks and the Friends & Family Handbook are $8 on

Meetings in this building are Tuesday (Tools & Techniques) 7:30 to 9 p.m. and Thursdays (Open Discussion) 7:30 to 8:45 p.m . 

This SMART Recovery meeting is officially over, however you may stay and chat a while longer if you like. Thanks for coming and we hope you have a great week.   

Hollywood, FL